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Some FAQ and Advice for Sellers.

1] When is the best time to list a house for Sale?

As soon as you decide to sell.

2] What makes a house sell?

A successful sale requires the following considerations: the selling price, condition of your house, location and buyer exposure. Since you cant control all of them, you may have to compensate in one or more areas to offset a competitive disadvantage in another. For e.g. if the location of your home is not ideal, it may not command as high price.

3] How do I price my home?

Todays residential real estate market is no place to look for easy profits. That is not to say you cannot get what your house is worth. You just have to be realistic about your value. A good place to start is determining the fair market value.

4] How flexible should I be about the asking price?

Most buyers tend to negotiate before they make an offer. Thus, a certain degree of flexibility is called upon on both you and the buyer.
While it is ultimately your decision to reject or accept an offer or present a counter-offer, a real estate agent can be of great help to you during negotiation process. Your real estate agent would inform you of your options in responding to each offer from the buyers.

5] Should I fix my house up before it is marketed?

Unless your house is nearly new, chance you will want to. Creating a good impression is critical in generating buyers interest. Make your house looks better from outside and show better from inside. It need not be difficult or expensive. Keep your house neat, simple and spacious. Get rid of clusters, unwanted items, replace faulty light fixtures. Clear as much from your walls, shelves and counter tops as you can. Give your prospects plenty of room to dream on.

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"There are agents and there are agents,choosing the right one makes the different"-Ernest Sim C.H.

[S]ince we only sell or buy a house a few times in a lifetime, it can be classified as a major life event. We never get much practice in evaluating property or negotiating the sale for the best deal at absolute convenience. This is why a professional realtor is so beneficial, don't you think so?

[C]ountless sellers select an agent who agrees to list their house at the highest price. The problem with this is, the agent doesn't set the price for your house, the market does. Determining the Current Market Value is Important. You might miss many potential buyers if your house is not priced right, don't you think so?

[H]ence, many people make the mistake of engaging an agent that will charge them the least commission. Remember, all too often you get what you pay for. If you list with an agent that doesn't provide you the best service, commitment, knowledge, marketing and interest, then you have saved nothing at all, isn't it?

In short, my interest is to provide our valued customers the highest standards of professionalism every step of the way.