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Some FAQ for Buyers.

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1] Where do I start the process of looking for a home?

The first thing you should do is to start focusing by establishing priorities in the following areas:
Location: Are you relocating of jobs, parents, etc. How will the location of schools, amenities and transportation affect your choice of neighborhoods?
Personal tastes: How large a home do you need? Do you prefer a condominium or would you and your family be happier with a landed property?
Budget: Would a private property be a financial burden or would a HDB apartment be more suitable for your budget?

2] When I start viewing homes, what should I be looking for the first time through?

As you look at each home, pay closer attention to the following considerations:
*Is there enough rooms for now and I the near future?
*Is the layout right for your family?
*Is there enough storage space?
*Will you have to replace any fixtures and fittings?
*Will you have to do any major renovation?
*How much maintenance, decoration will you need to do now? Later?
*Will your present furniture fit in this home?
*Do you like the orientation of this home?
*Is there any water seepage problem?
The house you choose to call home will play a major role in your familys life.

3] How do I know the property is priced fairly and whether I can afford?

Do a little research of your own. Go through listing in the newspaper or other real estate sources but do not sell yourself short. Talk to a real estate salesperson. He is the one equipped with the best and latest resources to help you with the price and also determining with you affordable price range. The real estate salesperson will work out the financing plan for you. The amount of cash you need to pay will vary with your age, income, CPF savings, the prevailing interest rate, price and valuation of the property.

4] How do I find the right estate agent to work with?

The key word here is right. It is important that you find a qualified and certified agent who not only know the job well but one who can fully understand your wants, needs and individual tastes. One whose personal and professional judgement you respect. That is why we suggest you talk to several different agents before choosing one.

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